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CF-Auto-Root Download for Android Root

CF Auto Root is the best android rooting tool for beginners and those who want to keep the device as close to stock as possible. This rooting method will be the easiest and quickest way for your first root. It doesn’t change anything on, but it does only install and enable SuperSU for gain root access.

CF-Root is mainly designed for Samsung Android devices like Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Tab 7, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus and much more, but it also available for many (over 50 different models).

CF-Auto-Root is available for few fastboot flashable devices like Google, Motorola, LG Nexus, Huawei Nexus, Asus, HTC Nexus and Nvidia and it is the easiest way to root Korean Samsung mobiles (SHW, SHV) which are failed to root with plenty of other rooting tools on the internet.

Note: Please check the model number and android version Settings -> About Device -> Model number/Android version. Check the table for your exact device model, if you cannot find the device model listed here. I’m sorry your mobile is not supported yet. Your device will brick if you gonna try with a different cf-auto-root package.

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Requirements for CF-Auto-Root

  • CF-Auto-Root package → This must be exact supported model number for the device.
  • Windows installed PC → Operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (Currently CF-Auto-Root is available for windows user only)
  • Necessary USB drivers for your android device
  • An android device with USB debugging is enabled
    HTC G1, Hero, One
    Samsung G930*2, G935F, i9305, i9505, P7100, SC-02E, shv-e210*3, P6800, i9300, N7100, SM-A3000, SM-A5000, N750
    MotorolaMotoG3, XT1033, XT1068
    Nexus Galaxy*2, N7, N10, N7-2013 (check chainfire home page for more devices)

CF-Auto-Root is currently supporting for following baseboards,

  • Samsung Exynos
  • Texas Instruments Omap 4
  • Qualcomm MSM

(Other baseboards will probably be added soon)

Download Cf Auto Root for Android

CF-Auto-Root download for Windows CF Auto Root Rooting Android CFAutoRoot

Download CF-Auto-Root from above links. Find your exact model from the list and download the package.

Must read these before performing the root procedure!


BETA: All this is still in testing!


Your device will get bricked if you flash an incorrect file. Please use at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage caused.


Make SURE to choose the right file for the device model.
Make sure you get the right file. Don’t use an incorrect file, it will brick your device.


If your mobile has a custom firmware flash counter, CF-Auto-Root will trigger it. If Triangle Away has support for your device, you’re lucky and can be used to reset the flash counter.


If your target device has KNOX enabled, using CF-Auto-Root will trip the KNOX WARRANTY VOID status!


Warning: If the device has storage encrypted, using CF-Auto-Root will wipe your all data. Better you first get a full backup.

Please Note: There is an exception with the Nexus Android devices. CF-Auto-Root and CF-Root will automatically wipe all your data on Nexus. You must take a full backup before starting root process.


How to Root Android phone with CF-Auto-Root

Check our Android Rooting Guides blog for more step by step android root tutorials.

  • Download and Unzip the correct CFAutoRoot package --> You can download CF-Auto-Root package from Chainfire official website!
  • Install USB Drivers
  • Get targeted device and turn on USB Debugging --> Settings > Developer Options > Turn on Debugging (If you cannot see Developer Options in your settings, just go to About > Find the Build number and tap on it seven times.
  • Put your mobile into "Download Mode" (If you don't know how to do that, you can simply Google it and find some nice tutorials)
  • Connect your device to PC using USB cable.
  • Go to unzipped CFAutoRoot package folder and open the Odin software.
  • Click PDA/PA and select the CF Root file (.tar)
  • Hit "Start" and wait till Complete!

CFAutoRoot Video tutorial for Rooting Android phone


This video tutorial shows you "How to Root an Android Device (Samsung Galaxy A7) with CF-Auto-Root.
For more rooting tutorials visit our blog.

What’s Installed


SuperSU app and binary
Stock recovery (any custom recovery you may have installed will be overwritten)


Difference between CF-Auto-Root and other rooting tools


CF-Auto-Root is designed to install and enable SuperSU on the android mobile so the app can gain root access, nothing more.
The difference with other rooting tools is that those may install a custom recovery for you while CF-Auto-Root ends up with Stock recovery.


Not Included


Custom recovery

Any custom recovery like TWRP or CWM will not be included.

Triangle Away

Triangle away is a paid app can be used to reset flash counter after flashing CF-Auto-Root.
Flash counter tracks how many custom firmware you have flashed. This will be caused to void warranty.


Thank goes to


XDA Developers Forum for developments
Visit Chainfire Autoroot Website:


CF Autoroot Download TOS

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